Innovation, Quality, Service and Flexibility is what makes us the Market leader.

Linnells Mailroom Supplies is the manufacturing supplies branch of Michael Linnell and Company.

Our Company has been trading now for over 45 years.

Linnells Mailroom Supplies provide a quality bespoke manufacturing service that includes a vast range of products. What separates our company from our competitors is our flexibility and knowledge of the industry and its needs and its wants. We focus on trying to bring solutions to that criterion in a combined working relationship with our customers. This is why many of our customers now have long working relationships with our company, which has been built on quality supply, trust, honesty and loyalty.

Our customer base includes many of the world's largest Companies, our working relationships with most are based on continuous roll on contracts. The range of services that our company provide are mailbags, re-usable tamperproof pouches, one use security bags, delivery satchels, sorting benches, delivery trolleys and pigeon holes. Currently our mailroom team have re-designed many Postroom and distribution centres for TNT, UK Mail, The Shard and University of Manchester.

We do not set large ordering quantities, as a UK manufacturer we are the most flexible supplier in the industry, we have the ability and BRITISH experience to accommodate and service all our clients' requests, we also offer the quickest lead time to delivery.

You will see evidence of our bags in daily use everywhere - we manufacturer the Royal Mail's red and green franked mail pouches that are used by businesses throughout the UK and you will see their Postman using delivery satchels made by our Company for the past 20 years delivering post through your door.

Please see our Product Section for examples of our work.

No hidden costs

When buying a bag or pouch from Linnells Mailroom Supplies we are as competitive on price for all our customers as possible. When buying a tamperproof bag or sack from our company you will have a product that can be universally supplied by many various other suppliers. You are free to check our prices against another supplier and you will have the freedom to buy seals from another supplier if you so wish and they have the freedom to supply seals to fit into our locking chambers.

When choosing a bag or pouches design please be advised to check and insist on the following point;

Can you buy the seals for the pouch from another supplier, if not do you really want to be tied to a single supplier who does not have to offer a market competitive cost for replacement seals or bags?